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Best scene in the whole movie! Shred-Krang can’t handle growling turtles.

I always did love that bit… Ch’rell was a mean bastard and the Mirage Turtles were too intense even for him…

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gyean asked: "Sweet! Now they just need to axe the stupid shoes!" But how else would she be powerful if we got rid of the shoes lol have you ever even made a game I bet you haven’t I’m a god #sakurai In all seriousness fuck the heels

I really think he’s just being pressured to use the stupid shoes ‘cause he has to stick to the latest game’s appearance or something, so I’m not really annoyed with him. It’s just disappointing that the model could look so much cooler than it does almost entirely because of the shoes. I can’t think of any other personal examples, but have you ever encountered a design that looks really cool, except for one niggling, obvious flaw that you can’t believe ever got approved and drags the entire design down? That’s sort of what her Brawl design is like for me. Not to mention it’s still glorifying a terrible game that should never be praised.

I wonder how much work had to go into reconfiguring the hitboxes around the stupid-looking shoes, how much effort for a design aspect that really didn’t need to be there in the first place. I also hate how it’s becoming the standard for fanart too. People are probably tired of hearing me complain about it though, so I should shut up now.